The Santo António Villas in Lagos, Portugal (Tradução para o Português)

The Santo Antonio Villas 18-hole resort was the first facility of newly appointed SureSet Global Partner GO Diamond Services . With the support of Operations Director Dan Heydon, Global Sales and Marketing Manager Joni Withers, and Facility Operator Robson Lloyd of SureSet, the area around the Village pool, paths and steps have been transformed. The surface was initially installed using tiles, however they were unattractive and left puddles on the surface. GO Diamond Services was commissioned to install resin flooring at the back of the Villa to create a continuous beach effect that was visually pleasing and aids drainage.


This project included many different techniques that can be performed using SureSet resin flooring. The entire surface was first covered with a primer and with CRM (crack reduction membrane) to provide additional support to the tile base below. The area around the pool was placed in 3mm Popcorn , along with a frame created with an aluminum border and 3mm Bronze Medal . A flower design was also installed using the flexible aluminum border and colors of the Spectrum Range.


The brilliance used in some blends flickers in the sun, giving the surface an extra peculiarity. The steps  were completed in the UK, cut to size on site, and then installed with the protrusions and blanket. Access to the pool heater was placed using Winter Frost FlexiSet   and the paths around the pool complete the path from the inside out. Not only does the Villa have a smooth, foot-friendly paving solution, it now stands out from neighboring properties.


Watch our videos to learn more:

GO Diamond – Global Partner Video

Timelapse video of flower drawing

Pool Case Study Video

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