Roof Garden, Lamb Walk, Bermondsey

Not so long ago, a roof had one job – to protect a building from the elements.

In recent years the job of the roof has changed and as well as providing protection, they can also create communal roof gardens for residents or office staff.

If you want to see a splendid example of how well this can work, look no further than this BREEAM certified mixed-use development in the heart of London’s South Bank.

The original specification for a ‘hot melt’ system was changed to meet the clients need for a biodiverse, sustainable communal garden with an aesthetic finish in line with the luxury flats.

The roof project in Bermondsey consisted of an accessible green roof for residents on the first floor and a green and brown roof at the next level.

As the garden could be seen from surrounding buildings the aesthetic as well as the environmental impact were top priorities for this project.

To assist with the efficient disposal of rainwater, we were contracted by Sky Garden to install our grid structure SureCell and permeable resin bound paving to the resident’s roof garden.

The development of offices, permanent homes and serviced apartments achieved BREEAM certification.

The contractor met the client brief for a roof garden that delivered a biodiverse and sustainable solution that echoed the flawless of the luxury flats.

These photos were taken nearly three years after completion and show how the landscape of the project has blended together to create an environmentally friendly communal garden for residents in an area of London where green, outside space is hard to come by.


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Step 1

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