Resin bound patio for returning Kent customer

There’s no better compliment than a customer coming back

Sandwich meaning “market town on sandy soil”, a customer in the beautiful Sandwich Bay area of Kent contacted us for a second SureSet installation.

In 2016, we installed a stunning 205m² driveway in 6mm Almond for the Sandwich Bay resident.

In 2017, Our returning customer enquired about a pathway/patio project at the rear of their house using the same colour Almond. Unfortunately, this was no longer available but we were delighted to able to offer a near perfect alternative to our Buttermilk.

*This occasionally happens with our Natural Aggregates and Marbles because of naturally occurring changes in the aggregate and marble.

The Customer requested the name of their house be included within the pathway in a contrasting grey.

Using stencils the name of the house – Villa Oliva, and an olive tree were created in 3mm Gunmetal Grey and 3mm Buttermilk at our Wiltshire headquarters and installed the day before the pathway/patio was laid.

Prior to installation our client’s contractor purchased and laid our grid structure sub-base SureCell® ready for SureSet resin bound paving.

Installed by our Approved InstallerResinators, SureSet resin bound paving and SureCell creates a perfect permeable surface – not just looking good, but doing good too!

The choice of Buttermilk and Gunmetal Grey used for this project impeccably compliments the grey setts that SureSet is laid up to.

As these aerial images show, the beauty of this stunning property is further enhanced with the addition of SureSet permeable paving…


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