Pathways at Chapel Riverside, Southampton

Located on the River Itchen, sits Chapel Riverside, where a new housing development started in 2017.  There are six phases to include 457 new homes which will be built near the Ocean Cruise terminal.

The project was approved by Southampton City Council and is now into the third phase comprising of 132 apartments, all with allocated parking and premium specifications that run alongside the Solent Sea Wall. Southampton City Council had a clear vision of what they wanted to achieve and was determined to have the whole walkway paved in the most economic, cost-effective, durable, and aesthetically pleasing product possible. With this in mind, they appointed multi-award-winning specialist housebuilder and brownfield developer Inland Homes as the main contractor for this incredible development.

SureSet had the pleasure of being contacted by Kain Dear, the Senior Site Manager from Inland Homes, to attend a pre-contract meeting. SureSet were able to provide the requested large resin bound sample panels with various colour options so they could view the paving against the Sea Wall and determine the best appearance.   Our knowledgeable team was also able to discuss the benefits of the products, installation methods and advise on the suitability that the resin bound paving would offer to the walkways.

One of the seven key areas in this project was to re-shape the landscapes of the city. To achieve a consistent aesthetic across the phases of Chapel Riverside Developments, it was specified the same materials were to be used throughout. The colour chosen was 6mm Butterscotch a permeable resin bound paving material from our Natural Aggregate range, installed at an 18mm depth. This product was laid to create a desirable waterfront, and due to the smooth nature of the compacted surface, it is suitable for moderate to high foot traffic and accessible pathways. The area was built above ground level for the apartments and accompanying landscapes to improve ground floor access and create new walkways around the buildings to ensure everyone can enjoy the views. The work Inland Homes have achieved will further promote investment in Southampton.

The 360m² resin bound paving installation was completed over two days, the asphalt and concrete areas were quality checked and dip tested prior to installation. We like to ensure our bases are prepared to safeguard longevity, these pathways were no exception, and using a primer and crack reduction membrane over the concrete areas will minimise movement cracks. A sleek stainless steel edging, supplied by Dural Ltd, was carefully secured to the areas as advised on the plans provided.

Our installation comprised of various methods.  The first was to level out the resin bound material by batch, this was efficiently compacted by using our mechanical power floating method, and the edges were finished by our more traditional method of hand floating. Overall the SureSet paving looks clean and smooth having the added benefits of being low maintenance and permeable.

“SureSet ticks all the boxes from durability to the wow factor!”

Kain Dear from Inland Homes

Chapel Riverside has a mix of building types and has been transformed with a new public piazza with cafes, restaurants, and shops as well as spaces for retained and enhanced marine industry and activities. The resin bound walkways are surrounded by green lawns, and seating areas to soak up the views. The 300m stretch of river flood defenses and the reconstruction of a new underground surface water storage tank for Southern Water also make for an economical build.

Chapel Riverside in Southampton is already a home for many residents and is seen to be a new destination for modern waterside living, and an integral grand plan for economic growth and development within Southampton City.

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