Mosaics for Material Driven

For the last few months we have been working on a slightly different project from our normal day to day ones, working closely with a company called Material Driven who are based in London.

For one year Material Driven will host many innovative and wonderful materials from all around the world, working with well-known to small businesses to display a publicly accessible Materials Library at The Building Centre in London.

SureSet were approached to have a selection of our material on display, two of our ranges had a big impact on Material Driven with interest in our Recycled range.

This was a fantastic opportunity to get our product out to more people, so without hesitation we sent across some of our most popular samples for consideration.

Upon receipt of our samples being sent, Material Driven came to us with a design concept that would showcase two recycled ranges onto wall hung panels each approximately 50cm by 70cm in size. They were keen to incorporate a mosaic style, to which they felt would offer the material context and engagement with the visitors to discover more about the material.

The mosaic design gave us further inspiration to focus our attention to the recycled concept Material Driven were looking for and suggested to introduce our new coloured rubber range, an “exclusive” to the Material Library and a sneak peek at a brand-new product range due to launch early 2019. They loved this idea, so we replaced our internal materials, Inbound, with the new coloured rubber materials.

The construction of the two beautiful mosaic’s is credit to our in-house technical and Research and Development Team. A specialist piece of MDF was cut to create a template which our Technical team used to make each individual square of material. Careful time and attention was needed to complete around 30 pieces of all 8 different materials we used.

Once we had all the pieces to the puzzle the next task for the Technical Team was to work out how to stick them together, what to stick them on too, which edging we should use and finally how to hang them on the wall.

To assemble the mosaic’s, we glued each piece onto a composite board using mastic (a super strong glue). Using the design given to us by Material Driven, the Technical Team made both mosaics within a couple of days. We used a stainless-steel edging and strong hanging hooks on the back, to allow them to be wall hung at the Material Driven gallery.

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