ProResin Pathway, Somerset

SureSet introduced their ProResin resin product into an already saturated market, luckily one particular Contractor said it shone above the majority of other resins due to it not coming pre catalysed.  This gives them full control over curing times, whether the conditions were blazing hot or icy cold, providing optimum strength to a high quality product achievable on every single job.

The local Contractor chose to use ProResin on a small domestic garden pathway project they secured.  After speaking to the SureSet Sales Team about the various build ups we would recommend for a pathway that would only have foot traffic the Contractor decided to also buy our SureCell sub base.

“The recycled plastic grids were really quick and easy to clip together and install, and once the Type 3 aggregate had been laid and compacted the sub base was solid and more importantly permeable.”

Their customer wanted a ‘rustic’ looking path so when it came to discussing edging they weren’t keen on concrete blocks or anything similar that would make the pathway look too uniform, so they decided to use EverEdge edging.  EverEdge offered a clean, unassuming edge that fixed together neatly and easily, it is easy to bend to form smooth corners and offers a firm edge to install the SureSet resin bound paving.

The project itself was a 17m long garden path leading to a newly constructed summer house built onto a SureCell base with flower beds either side, the customer was keen to try and replicate larger natural aggregates, so they chose Chestnut 10mm aggregate.

The whole project was completed in one day, SureSet ensures all deliveries to site are on time and all self-install products including ProResin are sent with full installation instructions, SureSet also has a knowledgeable Technical Team available over the phone.

“The ProResin kits were supplied with a fantastic information booklet that had guidance on mixing, catalysing and installing the resin, and also lots of other SureSet blends that can be replicated on future projects, there are so many benefits of buying ProResin that really extend beyond just resin!”

If you are interested in purchasing ProResin, please take advantage of the discount with Long Rake Spar you would be eligible for. Please note SureSet ProResin material is not covered by the SureSet 21yr Guarantee.

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