Kennet Island is a neighbourhood in Reading, Berkshire that took eleven years to complete. The design cleverly incorporates watercourses for aesthetics by engineering new channels for the canalised Kennet.  

Now finished, Kennet Island is a thriving community with residents sharing benefits that include a central piazza, gym, licensed café, convenience store, nursery and a dedicated bus service to Reading town centre.

Kennett Island | Reading |  Housing | Norwegian Pearl

In keeping with the contemporary design of the development, Block K required a surface that was both pretty and practical; aesthetically pleasing, easy to maintain, hardwearing and accessible.  

We were contracted by O'Halloran & O'Brien in January 2016 to install 306m² of Norwegian Pearl Natural Aggregate to ramps and a communal courtyard.  

The project was carried out over two phases and completed in March 2017.

Kennett Island | Reading |  Housing | Norwegian Pearl

Now complete, Kennet Island a combination of permanent homes and serviced apartments that create a thriving, vibrant community.  

The result is a development that is a truly desirable place to live; fully accessible, immaculately kept grounds, close to Reading centre yet countryside on your doorstep and less than half an hour from London.   

We are delighted at how naturally SureSet housing paving complements this beautiful new neighbourhood.

Kennett Island | Reading |  Housing | Norwegian Pearl

Key Features

  • Application: ramps, communal courtyard
  • Area: 306m²
  • Base: asphalt
  • Colour: Norwegian Pearl
  • Depth: 19.5 – 24mm
  • Edges: Marshall blocks
  • Installed: March 2017