Double Driveway in Yorkshire

Lancashire town Burnley, known for its famous cotton mills and coal mines, is home to neighbours Mr and Mrs Hood and Ms Jowitt who together had discussed the possible solutions available to resurface their adjoined driveways. After careful consideration, they decided to make an online quote request.

Neighbours team up to gain a beautiful driveway

The surface of the existing tarmac driveways was in sound and stable condition, although slightly broken up in places, after receiving some photographs our Technical Sales Team were able to advise the entire area for both driveways, totalling to 360 square metres, could be overlaid.

Like most residential projects these homeowners were referred to a Local SureSet Approved Installer who provided an appropriate and cost-effective solution for their driveways. All Approved Installers can provide full preparation work or advice if required prior to the installation of the resin bound paving.

Pennine Playgrounds Ltd was appointed as their local approved installer to carry out the resin bound paving installation using SureSet 6mm Barley Butter, a beautiful golden gravel and popular colour choice. The two smooth sweeping driveways were finished by a sleek, modern aluminium edge supplied by Dural Ltd.

Pennine Playgrounds Ltd

Pennine Playgrounds based in West Yorkshire are known for their bespoke playground designs and installations, and keen to widen their product portfolio they became SureSet Approved Installers in May 2014. Over the years they have completed some fantastic resin bound installations with comments from clients like;

“Guy and Janine Hood and I would like to take this opportunity – to thank you, and, to say how much we have been impressed by not only the quality of the work carried out, but by everyone from your Company with whom we have had contact over the past several weeks.Your workmen are a credit to your Company and have been not only very hard working, but courteous, kind, considerate and helpful in working out with us, the least disruptive means of getting the work done, and allowing us all to come and I go without too much of a problem, so please thank them all for us.We are delighted with the beautifully finished driveways, which have made so much of a difference, and would be pleased if you wished to use us as a reference for anyfuture work you plan to take on in this area. We now look forward in the next few weeks, to receiving from you the paperwork regarding the guarantees, and confirmation of all the necessary monetary payments.Thank you all once again, and we would like to wish you every future success in your business.”


The SureSet resin bound driveway installation was completed by our Approved Installer Pennie Playgrounds Ltd, for more information about SureSetPennine Playgrounds Ltd or our Dural please get in touch.


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