Creative paving for Stratford Butterfly Farm

Opened by David Bellamy in 1985, Stratford Butterfly Farm can be found in the picturesque market town of Stratford Upon Avon in Warwickshire; famously known as the birthplace of Shakespeare.


The Butterfly Farm is where you can witness for yourself the amazing lifecycle of a butterfly in the ‘Emerging Cage’. It is also home to the world’s most camouflaged caterpillars, stick insects, beetles, leafcutter ants, some of the largest tarantula spiders, a wildflower garden and two Iguana’s called Stumpy and Princess.

You will also find a display of replica Mayan artefacts – representing the relationship between the Butterfly Farm and the Fallen Stones Butterfly Farm in the Maya Mountains of Belize, where many of their beautiful imported butterflies come from.


We were contacted by the Butterfly Farm in May 2017 who had an idea to replace the pathway taking visitors through the Flight Area with a surface that included stencils of bird footprints, paw prints and leaves.

The Flight Area houses the largest tropical butterfly display in the UK with around 1,500 free flying butterflies; some are bred at the Butterfly Farm while the rest are imported.

To protect the butterflies, on the lead up to the installation, their numbers were reduced through a controlled breeding programme.


Once the order was placed, the intricate stencils were created at SureSet HQ prior to the installation on site.

Our highly skilled Installation Team, who were on site for four days in December, thoroughly enjoyed this creative and interesting installation.

To the amusement of the other installers, one of them (you know who you are!) was particularly scared of the two resident Iguanas, Stumpy and Princess, who liked to hide up in the trees while keeping a watchful eye on what is going on beneath them!

“The Flight Area has had beautiful, bright, colourful pathways laid throughout, with leaf prints and animal foot prints incorporated into the design!

We are delighted with the results and hope our visitors are too!”

The Butterfly Farm

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