Cranborne Middle School, Dorset

Cranborne Middle School is idyllically located near the centre of Cranborne Chase in Dorset. The school offers a lovely rural environment for children aged nine to 13.

Interesting fact:

Cranborne Middle School had to cancel all outdoor activities – including their annual sports day because of a bumper crop of bunnies!  The school is used to sharing their field with furry friends, but this year there were significantly more. The caretaker usually fills in the holes, but this year he couldn’t keep up and the field was deemed too dangerous for the children.

Cranborne Middle School took advantage of the long summer holiday to carry out some general repairs and maintenance to the building. As part of the project, we were contacted by Stepnell to install resin bound paving to the school entrance.

The existing entrance was looking decidedly sad, and definitely was not creating a very good first impression. Some of the slabs were broken, some loose and others replaced with slabs that didn’t even match.

It was definitely time for a smooth, low maintenance, durable replacement. By using our new StepRise® we were able to provide a complete step solution of treads and risers.

The result is a beautiful looking entrance to the school – now creating a very good first impression!

Being able to provide a complete step solution, instead of just the tread, has changed the entrance beyond recognition. In fact, this is what Nicola, Trainee QS/Contracts Administrator told us:

We were very impressed with the finish. A very neat and tidy job giving a much better entrance to the front of the school.”









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