The Gasworks Dock Partnership (GDP) is a charity based in the London Borough of Newham. It aims ‘to build a framework for regeneration through the development of social enterprise's that provide employment, educational and cultural facilities’.  

Built in the 1870’s, Cody Dock had not benefitted from the recent regeneration of east London. It was the last barrier to people being able to walk the length of the Lea River; a 26-mile riverside walk, running from Hertfordshire to the Thames.  

Cody Dock is a GDP community led environmental project. Its vision is a vibrant working marina and centre for the arts. Future aims for Cody Dock include:

  • Access to Lower Lea’s environment
  • Developing an arts and creative based community
  • Forging links with the wider community
  • Nurturing a sustainable income to enable the development and support of arts, cultural and educational programs.

Our involvement in the project was in the objective of opening up long forgotten footpaths to the public; regenerating previously inaccessible pathways so that people living locally could walk into work.  

As sustainability was a big consideration, the permeability of SureSet was one of the main reasons for specifying it for a two-phase installation of a resin bound pathway.  

The first phase took place on a beautifully warm sunny day in July 2014 when we installed a 118m² resin bound pathway. In April 2015 we installed an additional 99m² for phase two.

Cody Dock is a thriving volunteer led project that hosts regular events in order to achieve its aims of developing an arts and creative based community and forging links with the wider community.  

A permeable smooth, SureSet resin bound pathway meanders around the newly established communal gardens; leading to the now accessible riverside pathway that allows people to enjoy this part of the Lower Lea River for the first time in decades.

Key Features

  • Area: 217m²
  • Application: pathway
  • Base: cellular grid structure
  • Colour: 6mm Golden Pearl 
  • Depth: 20mm
  • Edges: concrete
  • Installed: July 2014