Broomhill, Norfolk

This house is in Downham Market, a small town on the western edge of Norfolk with a population of around 10,000. Downham sits on the banks of the River Great Ouse – close to the Fens.

The owners of this property, Sue and Richard, first contacted us in May 2014. Their garden had been landscaped five years previously but the design lacked a sense of flow and did not encourage venturing beyond the patio.   They decided to undertake a major project to redesign the garden by significantly reducing the patio area and introducing a new ‘serpentine’ path.

Having previously seen examples of resin bound paving on television, our client decided that this product was ideal for their project and carried out their own research.

What made them choose SureSet, above other resin bound companies, was our unique 15 year guarantee and the low maintenance required to keep SureSet looking as good as new.

During the mixing process each particle of aggregate is completely coated with our specially formulated resin. This ensures a smooth stable surface with voids that allow water to drain through preventing the formation puddles, ice and weeds.

On a very foggy day mid-October in 2014, our Installation Team arrived at our clients’ home in Downham Market. While the fog was lifting they set about masking the adjoining edges and preparing the mixing area to ensure there was no resin contamination.  Our Team then laid 20m² of Tuscan Barley Beach from our Natural Aggregate range creating a stunning garden pathway.

The colour and texture of SureSet selected by our client perfectly complements the modern, contemporary design of the garden.

“So far SureSet has met our expectations in full. The path is practical yet decorative and, as you can see from our plans, provides a new viewpoint from which to appreciate the rest of the garden.”

Sue and Richard, Broomhill, Norfolk

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