BRE Innovation Park

Since 2005 the BRE Innovation Park in Watford has attracted thousands of visitors to the emerging and innovative approaches to sustainable design and build on display there.

Companies, like SureSet, join to test their technologies and capabilities in a live environment.

Under BRE’s ‘Innovations in landscape architecture’ category, designed to benefit people, ecology and the environment, our permeable resin bound paving installation is directly outside the Barrett Green House.

The Green House, the first to be built at BRE by a mainstream house builder, meets the governments Code Level 6 for sustainable homes and their criteria for zero stamp duty.

Installed in three phases, our installation demonstrates our unique ability to combine outstanding attractiveness and creativity with practicality and sustainability.

Phase one of our installation was a 28m² Rainbow Pathway. Starting with red and finishing with ultraviolet, the pathway consists of 37 different shades of the colour spectrum, creating a truly eye catching addition to the external area.

Each of the 37 shades was a SureSet bespoke mix that was skilfully hand laid by our creative Installation Team.

There is also a feature for SureCell; this is a porous sub-base provided and installed by SureSet which negates the need for asphalt or concrete and reduces the build up required, and when overlaid with SureSet leaves a fully SuDS compliant surface.

Phase two really pushed the creative boundaries of our permeable resin bound paving and the skills of our Installation Team!

But it was worth it – 8.57m² of resin bound material in Midnight, Barley Beach and bespoke blends of five shades of brick and seven shades of grey went into creating our visually stunning 3D steps installation.

The third phase was laid on a beautiful autumn day and consisted of 100m² of Barley Beach laid to a ‘main area’ which incorporated our SureSet logo.

The Rainbow Pathway attracts a lot of attention from visitors and has featured in many selfies!

In a recent episode of BBC’s Watchdog Test House, Sophie Rawworth demonstrated its permeability by pouring a bucket of water onto the path which was immediately dispersed.

We are delighted with the feedback we have been receiving from both BRE and visitors.

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