A natural resin bound driveway for a home in Wales




On the northeast coast of Wales is Holly Cottage a newly remodeled home that was in need of an uplift and a paving material that would complete the overall look of the exterior renovations.
Upon receiving a complimentary brochure and colour samples, the clients opted for a warm and inviting coloured stone from SureSet’s Natural Aggregate range.





The existing driveway looked tired and messy with the original old loose gravel. The clients wanted a surface that looked good all year round as well as easy to maintain with minimal cost and effort.


The loose gravel was removed from the driveway and pathway areas so the base beneath could be regulated level ready for an open-graded asphalt binder to be laid. To edge the resin bound paving a high-end grey block paver was installed to enhance the home’s roof tiles, fencing, and gate.

There were a few minor difficulties during the main preparation and edging works. The edging was in fact a clay blue edging from Ketley brick made to order which took Coatech’s team 16 weeks to procure and through this, they had to manage their client’s expectations during the difficult times of the 2020 pandemic a lot of industries were suffering from general building material shortages and haulage problems.


Types of edging suitable for resin bound


·         Blocks

·         Bricks

·         Sleepers

·         Aluminium

·         Pin kerbs


Following on from the above difficulties the groundworkers and Coatech resin bound installers did an amazing job of transforming an old loose gravel driveway into an open and welcoming resin bound drive. The quality of the finished installation was incredible and attention to detail throughout the project was not missed – even pointing in the small gaps in the Ketley blocks with a colour-matched mastic material was considered.



The Resin Bound Installation


Coatech used SureSets ProResin to combine with the client’s chosen colour blend known as 6mm Barley Butter.


Driveways are typically installed at an 18mm depth onto a suitable substrate such as tarmac, concrete, or a SureCell base.


The golden colours of the resin bound materials complemented the homes natural wooden porch beams, cladding, and oak door. The permeability of the SureSets resin bound system was also another deciding factor for the client as they vastly wanted to improve any potential ponding and have a SuDS-compatible system over the entire driveway.

The installation of the resin bound paving went as planned and Coatech Ltd was completely satisfied with the SureSet ProResin supplied and their stone providers Grantex Surfacing regarding the aggregate delivery.


Where resin bound paving can be used around a home…


·         Patio

·         Pool and pond surround

·         Fire pit area

·         Hot tub base and surrounds

·         Pathways

·         New or existing tree surrounds

·         Balconies

·         Driveway

·         Summer house base and surrounds

·         Stables

·         Leisure areas


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Why Resin Bound paving


·         Long lasting system

·         Bound together for minimal stone loss

·         Water porous with no puddles

·         Minimal maintenance needed

·         Plenty of colour choice


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