Shop front logo in Bristol

Based in Fishponds, Bristol, The Fire Basket is a family-run business established in 1985 that is now one of the largest retailers of fireplaces and related products in the City.

The Fire Basket has a very distinctive logo that they wanted to incorporate into the shop entrance in some way.

They contacted us to discuss the possibilities of recreating their colourful logo in resin bound paving.


We love a Creative Paving project and the challenge of creating something unique.

Our recycled glass range Spectrum is perfect for this kind of project; we tumble the recycled glass to ensure the edges are smooth and colour it in-house giving us the ability to create almost any colour.

Happy with our specification and quotation, our skilled Technical Team set to work creating a stencil design and bespoke colours for a perfect match.


In July 2018, our highly skilled Installation Team were in Bristol to lay the resin bound entrance to The Fire Basket shop entrance.

The background for their logo was created using 6mm Buttermilk from our Crushed Marble range; suitable for pedestrian use only. Their distinctive logo was created using the bespoke recycled glass blends of Red Orange, Bright Orange, Zinc Yellow and Signal Red.


The installation of a new entrance in permeable resin bound paving complete with a stunning logo gives the shop the ‘wow factor’ it deserves!

SureSet resin bound creative paving is not only a perfectly practical solution, its potential for design creativity makes it ideal for reproducing logos, emblems, names, welcome messages and themed areas; indoors or outdoors.


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