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Posted 27th July 2019 by Y Holloway


Whether you live in the urban sprawl or the rambling countryside, we all have the one corner or wall in our garden that needs a little extra ‘wow’.  Even with the advent of the modern, smaller garden, there are plenty of projects, techniques and products that you can use to brighten up your outside vertical spaces.

What are you to do with these traditional vertical structures otherwise known as “walls”?

They do tend to look a little bare and therefore we would like to share a few ideas on how you could improve the look of your outside space with a few simple tweaks…

Planting/Hanging baskets

By using companion planting you can create interesting blocks of colours and mixed textures with plants, vegetables and/or herbs. Hanging baskets can add styles and textures with multi-functional use and add needed colour at eye level.


Using different size pots or containers you can develop a multi-layered look creating a focal point to your garden. Small pots can be placed on larger pots to create different heights and styles. Using plants with a variety of colours adds interest and can break up a boring space, as well as a lick of paint.


You would spruce up a tired room indoors with a lick of paint, why not try the same outside, choose a colour to match or contrast your patio set, paving or your plants. Choose a good quality masonry paint to ensure it lasts, primer is not necessary if the wall is simply being painted to add colour and texture, however using a primer will give you a less textured finish and a bolder colour as it prevents the colour from bleeding into the grains of the wall.



Storage Wall

Another option to try would be a multifunctional wall that creates a solution to keeping things tidy and organised whilst being stylish at the same time. Display your general garden tools to the wall creating an eye-catching focal point that will transform any blank wall.

Playful Wall

Pretty can mean practical, especially when there are children involved. You can create a space for children to play without the need to extend your garden or use up valuable floor space by building a playful wall instead! How…we have a few ideas… those with adventurous energetic children build a climbing wall using colourful wall holders that you simply drill into the wall!

All kids love water but getting the hose out is just not practical and there is no mental stimulation, occupy them longer by building a water wall from leftover guttering, funnels and plastic boxes (assemble it all on the ground first before attaching it to the wall and watch them play for hours as the water runs down the pipes, this is something you can create together and continue to add new slides – the same build-up can be used as a marble run too!

If you have artistic children ask them to paint you a mural onto the wall that needs so life injected into it, it keeps them busy, you will feel proud and they will be so pleased you asked them!

Living walls

Living walls can either be created by training trees or shrubs to grow up walls “espalier” which can create a block of singular or mixed colours depending on how and what plants you use. A living wall can easily come to life with planting pockets that can be mounted straight onto your wall, creating your own ecosystem of seasonal vegetables or suitable plants for bees and butterfly’s, and habitats for other insects.

Wall panelling

Marine ply shiplap panelling will fill your space with a fresh coastal feeling, and it works in any environment, it can even be painted to a colour of choice if the natural look is not what you are looking for. You can of course create any panelling design, lots of ideas on Pinterest!

Shelved Walls

Any item with thought can be turned into a shelved planting area, Step ladders/pallets can be recycled into a new planting area for pots and planters, adding visual appeal and can also be used for added privacy. Perfect for potting stations and outdoor kitchens.

Homely Walls

In addition to adding to the walls, think about decorating the walls themselves. Using decorative accents can have an even bigger impact in a small space… try adding in mirrors to reflect light to make an area appear bigging, helping a small space to feel brighter. Hanging an oversized mirror, or display several smaller pieces salon-style, you could apply this theory to picture frames, artwork (weatherproof or for Summer) all of which would give interest and value to what would have been a plain old boring wall.

Resin Bound Walls

Another way is by applying resin bound paving materials to a wall, you will need to use the correct type (specifically for walls). SureSet has a product called ‘Vertical’ which you apply to your outdoor environment.  Vertical was developed by SureSets in house Technical and Development Team, using our renowned high-quality paving system and adapting it to make it pliable to vertical structures such as walls. This range of vertical wall coverings can allow homeowners and self-installers alike to mask unpleasant walls. There are colour options available to and add something different.

The beauty of this product is that it can be combined with any paving solutions SureSet offer but also would compliment any of the above suggestions to really ‘WOW your Wall’.

SureSet Vertical comes in a 1m² kit and a full set of easy to use instructions to bring that resin bound look from the floor to the wall.

Did you know the Berlin Wall came down in 1989?


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