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Posted 5th June 2014 by Jim Newton


World Environment Day – June 5th

Aimed at creating awareness of our environment, this day was first acknowledged by the United Nations in 1973.

Here at SureSet we take a very close interest in the environmental impact of our work and the projects in which we are involved.

Our high quality permeable resin bound surfaces simply allows water to quickly drain through efficiently and complies with the requirements of Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDs).

By using SureSet for your external paving projects you will significantly reduce problems caused by standing water; as well as creating a visually stunning finish that also gives you a wide range of safety, comfort and maintenance benefits.

SUDs is an approach used to manage surface water, designed to mimic nature and manage rainfall close to where it falls. It is more sustainable than traditional drainage methods because the approach manages run-off water and flow rates from hard surfaces, thereby reducing the impact of flooding.

SureSet’s commitment to environmental improvements and minimising negative environmental is detailed in our environmental policy. A full copy is available to download here, but the key points are:

Legislation – the company complies fully with all environmental legislation and approved codes of practice.
Responsibilities – corporately and individually, a range of tasks and processes are undertaken to achieve best practice and ensure continual improvement.
Waste storage and disposal – all waste is recycled wherever possible.
Management practices – the company maintains records of compliance and continually reviews legislation and industry best practice.