Woodroyd celebrate their first anniversary with SureSet

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Posted 18th February 2015 by Jim Newton


Woodroyd Contract Services Limited celebrates its first anniversary as a SureSet Approved Installer this month.

Based in Barnsley, South Yorkshire, Woodroyd have 20 years experience installing bound aggregate.

James Harte, Managing Director of Woodroyd tells us why they chose to work with SureSet:

Our mixer is a 120 litre mixer, so 100kg per mix is sufficient for us to work with; it enables us to mix and lay in a steady constant manner.

Some suppliers sell resin in quantities sufficient, they say, to mix 100kg of aggregate – what they do not necessarily state is the aggregate size and blends for the 100kg mix. Other resin suppliers do have different quantities of resin per 100kg mix, ranging from 6kg to 6.5kg.

The wrong mix ratio creates the potential for weak mixes which can result in the deterioration, break down or cracking of the surface.

Resin suppliers tend to leave ordering the aggregate to the installer. If the mix ratio is wrong, we are the ones left with the problem because, in most cases, the resin supplier will   blame the aggregate or the substrate and vice versa.

SureSet get it right every time, they always supply both the aggregate and resin, and in the correct mix ratio – leaving no margin for error.

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