Why Permeable Paving is perfect for the British Summer

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Posted 12th July 2017 by Ben Shave


The great British summer is many things, but perhaps the perfect word to describe it is unpredictable. We could have a two-week-long heat wave in June and then experience the rainiest July since records began. Brits always need to be prepared for any weather, especially during the summer! That’s why when it comes to making your home weather-resistant, permeable paving is the top choice.

Resilient building materials are really important for British homes, from the roof to the driveway. We require properties to be able to withstand all types of weather conditions, from heavy rain and strong winds to widespread high and low temperatures. If we want gardens, patios and driveways to display longevity then we need to choose the landscaping materials carefully.

Read on to see why permeable paving is the way forward, for summer and beyond.

Prevent waterlogging

If you have a large flat outdoor space with no built-in drainage, you could find your garden waterlogged after heavy rainfall. Permeable paving can prevent standing water and puddles, which can also damage paving materials over time. Resin bound paving is permeable because tiny voids are created during the laying process, allowing water to pass through and enter the ground – mimicking natural drainage.

Flood preventionpaved driveway

More flooding events are occurring in the UK, and climate change is a major concern which affects rainfall and the water level of rivers. Overloaded drainage systems and surface water run-off is a contributing factor to floods, which is why permeable paving offers flood prevention benefits. Rather than sending water to grids, sewers and rivers, it allows rain water to be harvested and absorbed.

Long-term sustainability

Permeable paving offers a sustainable drainage option for the future as we continue to increase urbanisation.  An approach to urban drainage and water management was introduced in 2011 by the Environment Agency, to which permeable paving is compliant with. Constant building has seen outdated and overworked sewers unable to cope with the amount of surface water and flash flooding.

Environmental benefits

In addition to offering sustainable drainage and flood prevention, permeable paving has a wide range of environmental benefits. It stops polluted water reaching rivers and streams through natural filtration and also prevents the urban heat island effect.

UV damage

It’s not just the rain that resin bound permeable paving is ideal for – it also protects against UV degradation. So if we are lucky enough to get a sunny summer, you won’t need to worry about the paving cracking or losing its colour.

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