Why choose a SureSet Approved Installer?

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Posted 9th September 2019 by Jim Newton


At SureSet we install both nationwide and globally and offer a full installation service, which includes our 21-year Guarantee.

Our nationwide network of Approved Installers support our highly skilled in-house Installation Team.   To ensure that the quality of our materials and workmanship remain the best in the industry anyone applying to become an Approved Installer is given extensive training before being accepted. The training content is a combination of classroom learning and practical application demonstrations. Approved Installers are regularly assessed on-site and supported with continuous sales, technical and marketing assistance, within these areas our committed staff will go through the process step by step, to make sure that the perfect product is delivered.






The design technology of our resin-bound system gives us confidence that when installed in accordance with our quality standards, SureSet is a hard-wearing durable surface that can withstand the light pedestrian to vehicular access, easily coping with the stresses of power steering and heavy load axle loads.

As a company, we take pride in our product and our Approved Installers, by having a bi-annual award for the best Elite Approved Installer, Project of the Year and Outstanding Customer Service.

To keep up to date with what our Approved Installers are doing, follow our blog  https://www.sureset.co.uk/blog/approved-installers/

To find your nearest SureSet Approved Installer or information about how to become a SureSet Approved Installer, please contact sales on [email protected] or 01985 841180

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