Why are roof gardens becoming so popular?

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Posted 2nd March 2018 by Technical Team

Landscaping in our towns and cities is widely recognised as an efficient way of improving air quality and reducing the ‘Heat Island’ effect.  In recent years, a lack of space and affordable land has resulted in an increase in the number of roof gardens being created.

Roof gardens not only look good, provide some wonderful views and a quiet space in amongst the hustle and bustle of a city, the environmental benefits are significant and include:

  •       Providing a source of food and habitat for wildlife
  •       Assisting with temperature control
  •       Contributing to efficient management of water

Looking for a surface for your roof garden pathway?

We are super excited about our new addition to the SureSlab range; we developed a paving slab specifically for use within roof garden designs.

The recently launched a slab for roofs helps with the efficient disposal of rainwater by allowing run-off to permeate through the surface to be collected by a water attenuation or collection system.

When creating a roof garden, you are usually working at height, so it’s easier and safer to work with lightweight materials such as artificial grass or decking. The development and launch of SureSlab for roof gardens provide us with a new and exciting alternative.

Why choose paving slabs for your roof garden?  

  • They can be used wherever a surface suitable for light pedestrian use has been specified, and the benefits include:
  • When supported on spacers the SureSet roof slab has a slight flexibility which, when compared to concrete or stone slabs, is more comfortable to walk on.
  • The lightweight roof slab makes it easier and safer to handle during installation and maintenance than other materials.
  • The roof slab assists with efficient water management by allowing run-off to permeate through to water attenuation or collection systems.
  • The standard 600mm x 600mm roof slab can be easily cut using a masonry saw.
  • Roof slabs by SureSet are available in a wide range of colours, including bespoke blends for perfect colour matching.
  • The insulative properties of the SureSlab for roofs – 20mm depth of resin bound paving on a 20mm thick, rigid, foam-filled construction board – to help control temperature; thicker board combinations are available if a higher insulation value is specified.

Our resin bound system mixes natural aggregate, marble or recycled materials and clear resin thoroughly together. During this process, each particle of stone is fully covered in resin and laid immediately to a smooth permeable finish. During the laying process, minute voids are created that allow water to drain through the surface to the sub-base.

During the manufacturing of our roof garden slab, 20mm of our resin bound aggregate is applied to a 20mm thick, rigid, foam-filled construction board; producing a standard 600mm x 600mm slab.

Offering an 18-year Guarantee, exceptional customer service and excellent choice of colours and textures, we can provide a perfect match for your roof garden project.

What next?

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