Which paving is best for you?

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Posted 3rd July 2017 by Ben Shave


If you’re planning to revamp your garden or driveway, then the type of paving used can make a noticeable difference. Outdoor landscaping is a tricky job because there are simply so many choices! The design will specify the areas where you’ll be installing paving, artificial grass or lawn, pathways, decking and plant beds – but then you have to choose the style of each component.

In addition to the stylistic features of the paving or decking, you also need to consider its practicality and durability. You might also want to check that the product can cope with hot sunny weather as well as temperatures below freezing, and whether it’s an eco-friendly option. After all, a home improvement should stand the test of time.

Let’s take a look at some popular paving options to help you find out which type is best for your home and will ensure you’re the envy of all the neighbours!

pebbled paving

Resin paving

Beautiful and hard-wearing, resin bound paving makes the perfect surface for driveways and patios. It offers a smooth, flat surface which is easy to walk on, drive on, or let the kids play on. In addition to being highly practical, permeable resin paving is available in a wide choice of colours and textures to suit any outdoor space. The crushed marble range has a unique look and many different colour varieties. If this option sounds like a great fit for your garden, be sure to opt for resin bound paving rather than resin bonded, which won’t last as long.


Gravel can be used to soften a landscape and works well with other garden design features. Again there’s a myriad of choices with this type of paving, from the size and shape of the stones to the colour. While it is an affordable option, beware that it could need some maintaining and weeds could pop through.


If you have a red brick house then you may wish to have a driveway to match. Brick paving adds warmth to the space thanks to its reddish tones, and can be used to make a variety of different patterns. It has advantages over concrete, such as it doesn’t lose its colour over time and can last for decades without much maintenance. However, brick paving offers a limited colour choice compared to other options. To decide which paving is best you need to match it to the application – for example is it for a driveway, a pathway or a patio? You can always use a mixture of materials to create the perfect garden.

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