Love your car? Do you love what you park it on?

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Posted 8th February 2019 by Marketing Team


Wow, you’ve cracked it, you have a great job, a great home and finally you get that beautiful car of your dreams. That statement car that you have always wanted, your pride and joy. You love to show it off to friends and family and take it for a spin but at the end of the day you return to your lovely home and park it back on the driveway. What is your driveway paved with?

As you stand at your window staring fondly in disbelief that you have finally got your dream car, planning where you are off too next, cruising with the roof down perhaps or taking it for a speedy ride do you equally enjoy the vision of where it is parked and what it is parked on? Has the vehicle been parked on tired cracked concrete, crazy paving or an aged block paved driveway covered in moss with weeds appearing between the blocks?

Does your driveway, carport or carpark let your “new image” status down. How could you improve this vision? You could park your vehicle on an aesthetically pleasing, smooth, hardwearing surface which is weed resistant, oil resistant and sold with a 21-year guarantee? If you want to be creative and you have a car which is your pride and joy that you wish to keep for many years (and if your other half allows) you could even add the car logo to its parking space.

Just imagine…..lovely home, lovely shiny car, beautiful smooth driveway colour coordinated with the surroundings of the property or even the RAL colour of the car or garage, his and hers colour defined parking spaces, or even your initials setting out your spaces. The design possibilities are endless. Let your imagination run wild and complete your image with a new SureSet resin bound driveway.

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