What’s Dan Doing?

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Posted 7th March 2016 by Ben Shave


Dan is part of our Technical Team and responsible for special resin bound projects.

Dan spends most of his time in a ‘shed’ – a shed that many people could only dream of owning!  

In his shed Dan works on our special projects which means that nearly every day is different from the day before.  

Because what Dan is doing is usually very interesting, we thought we would share it with you in a new Blog called ‘What’s Dan doing?’  

Unfortunately we won’t be able to share all of Dan’s special resin bound projects with you because they are product development trials… Some will be ‘works in progress’ and you will have to use your imagination!  

But we will share as much as we can and we hope you enjoy finding out what Dan is doing…  

One special project was coloured squares that Dan created from our range of recycled glass Spectrum®.  

We had a phone call from someone looking for coloured glass to make into a tactile feature for their daughter who has autism. We decided to help by creating the squares ourselves using Traffic Red, Emerald Green, Sky Blue, Candy Pink and Ultraviolet.  

Another project was for Ecobuild where our new exhibition stand will makes its debut appearance. If you are going to Ecobuild stop by and see what Dan’s been doing!  

But it’s not all exciting projects for Dan – he also has to ‘muck in’ with the cleaning!