What’s Dan doing?

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Posted 11th April 2016 by Ben Shave


Responsible for special resin bound projects, Dan is part of our Technical Team and spends most of his time in a ‘shed’ – a shed that many people could only dream of owning!  

In his shed Dan works on our special projects which means that nearly every day is different from the day before. This month Dan is working on a few projects – one of which involves travelling overseas.  

We can’t tell you where it is just yet. But see if you can guess where it is from these clues…  

  • It’s the second largest city in France
  • It’s two hours away from either skiing or swimming 
  • It’s home to 22 of the best restaurants in France (Michelin Guide)
  • It’s recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.  

If you think you know where it is why not tweet us your answer @SureSetUK.  

Look out for the case study on this exciting project!  

Another project for Dan is researching and trialling an alternative improved way to scatter Grit Cast onto the SureSet when it has been laid. A fine layer of Grit Cast is sprinkled evenly over the surface before it dries to improve the slip resistance.  

While the method we currently use is perfectly adequate, we believe there is always room for improvement and do this by taking into account comments from our customers and feedback from our Installation Team.  

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