What Kind of Resin Flooring Should You Get for your conservatory

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Posted 17th February 2019 by Author Account

If you’re going through a home renovation at the moment, or perhaps just updating your living areas – the chances are you’ve come across the term ‘resin flooring’. Resin flooring is a popular choice for conservatory floors, but it’s important before committing to resin flooring that you understand how it works, what to look out for, and the benefits it can offer over traditional flooring.


What is resin flooring?

The first step to choosing the right resin flooring for your conservatory, is understanding what resin flooring is, and why it’s a beneficial choice for your home space. Unlike many other popular flooring choices (like wood, stone or laminate) resin floors are actually produced using a unique chemical reaction. We won’t get too scientific, but the chemical reaction that takes place ensures a chemical bond takes place with the concrete substrate it is installed onto – and this is what gives you the solid, seamless and smooth floor surface.


Resin flooring for commercial and large social areas

Resin flooring is both durable and strong because of the natural stones and strong UV resin used to bond and then seal the surface, it’s often the flooring of choice for commercial receptions and guest areas because it’s designed to withstand a lot of pressure, a lot of weight, it’s flexible in variety of spaces and it’s super easy to maintain.

Basically, any large communal space that requires regular cleaning and a high level of cleanliness (such as restaurants, hospitals, hotels, schools, etc) would benefit from resin flooring because of the smooth flat surface – which stops dirt or dust collecting.


Resin flooring for home living areas

All the positive reasons resin works for commercial flooring, also means it’s a great choice for home conservatories, hallways and living areas. Whereas popular flooring choices like tiles or wood, can crack, age or break – resin is relatively risk-free, and ages extremely well.


SureSet InBound®

SureSet InBound® is the domestic / internal resin option that we offer. It’s an attractive and inspiring option for your internal floors, and gives you all the benefits we listed above.

It’s a unique alternative to traditional flooring such as tiles, carpet of laminate floors and it can work across a variety of internal rooms in your home. One of the most popular uses is the conservatory, but we’ve seen it used beautifully in hallways, kitchens, playrooms, wet rooms (without a sealant) and utility rooms too.

With SureSet InBound®  the options for colours and materials is extensive – so you can really find the design that’s ideal for your home or commercial space. The result is something unique, easy to manage, easy to clean and longwearing. And (very importantly) it’s stylish too! The perfectly smooth surface is modern and can compliment all kinds of decor and architecture.

As with traditional methods of flooring, our internal resin flooring is just as versatile (if not more so!) and can be used in conjunction with underfloor heating too. The colour options and (especially when paired with our Spectrum® range) give you the opportunity to choose the perfect design finish for your interior floors.  

As with our other resin services, we also offer our 21 year guarantee with SureSet InBound® too, which should give you a good idea of how reliable and long lasting the resin flooring can be.

If you have any questions about interior resin flooring, we’d love to hear from you. You can drop us an email or get in touch using our website.