What Kind of Projects are Resin Bound Paving for?

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Posted 11th October 2019 by Ben Shave


If you’re looking to improve your flooring or surfacing for a project, you may be wondering if resin bound paving is the right choice for you. Well, the good news is, one of the great things about resin bound paving is that it’s suitable for many different kinds of projects.

It’s a flexible and well-rounded surface choice, that has many advantages over traditional paving – which makes it a fantastic choice for a variety of projects and uses.

Commercial projects

One of the main benefits of resin bound paving, is that it’s a very long-lasting product, and can be adapted to a variety of spaces. This makes it a fantastic choice for commercial projects, and means that it is becoming a more popular choice for both small and large scale commercial work.

Resin bound paving is a smooth and accessible surface choice, which makes it ideal for public spaces and businesses too. We’ve seen resin bound paving work incredibly well for public parks, public town squares, stadium communal space and even walkways and play areas in schools.

Resin bound paving can be tailored to the environment aesthetically too, which has made it one of the leading choices for public spaces and commercial projects. Being able to keep the flooring on-brand and keep the property looking smart is a huge advantage over traditional paving choices.

Private projects (at home)

Resin bound paving also works for home projects too. In fact, resin bound pacing is a fantastic choice for home projects, because of the amount of longevity and personalisation it offers.

We know that curb-appeal is a big deal, especially when you’re improving parts of your house that can be seen from the outside. You want your home looking it’s very best – and resin bound paving look smart, sophisticated, modern and can even be tailored to meet your requirements (in terms of colour and design). It’s a great choice for people who have very specific ideas of how they want their external spaces to look and feel.

We also know that when you’re doing improvements on your home, you want to safe-guard for the future. Resin bound paving allows for this, and really gives you that security and safety you’re looking for. For example, it is a permeable material, meaning that floods and puddles are less likely to form (which can decrease water damage over time). It’s also very long lasting and comes with a guarantee – which means you can rely on the quality and finish too.

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