What is the Difference Between a Porch and a Patio?

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Choosing between a patio and a porch can be a difficult decision to make. Both offer the possibility to extend your living areas, but in very different ways and will require very different budgets.

What is a porch? What is a patio? The difference between the two may not seem so obvious at first; they both offer the option of extended living areas but in very different ways. Both a porch and a patio are located outside of a property but both differ greatly in cost, materials used and which one you choose will be largely dependent on how you want to utilise the extra space afforded by a porch or a patio. Considering the differences between the two will help you to decide which one is the most suitable option for you and your property.

What is a porch?

A porch is generally a low, covered structure, located on the front of a house, generally at the entrance. It is, more often than not incorporated into the structure of the property but can either be fully enclosed or can be an open extension with no walls, consisting of a roof structure attached to the property. They can offer some protection to the front door of a house from weather conditions. Porches can also be a large extension to a property with the intention of adding extra living space for storage purposes or as an additional bathroom space.


What is a patio?

A patio is an area, generally located at the rear of a property, close to the house and can act as an extension to a living room, dining room or kitchen. It can have its own roof or pergola. They are not an extension attached to a house but are generally placed near the rear of the property next to the garden or in place of a garden if the area is small. Patios can be constructed with many different materials gravel, stones, bricks, concrete or flagstones, depending on location, use and preferred aesthetics.


Porch pros and cons

A porch can extend your living area and as it is part of the main structure of the house offers protection from the weather. They then can also be used as seating areas or for extra storage space. Open porches offer some protection from the elements but not much. Porches still need the same regular maintenance as the rest of the house.

Patio pros and cons

A well-laid patio can improve the overall look of your garden and offer a beautiful extension to living areas. They can be used as practical family areas with tables and chairs, as a sun trap or as an outdoor dining area. Although patios are regarded as more of an area, rather than a structure, it offers no protection from the weather and still needs regular maintenance to keep it looking tidy.


A closer look at the cost

The cost of a porch compared to that of a patio can vary considerably. Both can be costly but both offer different options depending on the required use. Generally, the cost of installing a porch will be more expensive than the cost of laying a patio. To install a porch, you are adding to the structure of a property and, depending on the size required, may even require planning permission or building regs. The installation may require builders to dig footings and build the structure, plumbers, and electricians, especially if it’s an enclosed porch with lighting. The overall cost of having a porch can be five times the amount you are spending for a patio.

A Patio requires fewer materials and is less labour –intensive and anyone with enough research can lay a patio. There’s no planning permission required and can be of any size and shape desired and can be adjusted to the size of your budget.

For a truly cost-effective option, a resin bound patio will give an outdoor living space that can be used all year round. Using permeable paving for your patio, in a resin bound natural aggregate in a choice of colour to go with your outdoor theme, will ensure your garden looks stunning all year round… A permeable paving patio will require little maintenance and is durable and also environmentally friendly. Because it’s permeable any surface water can drain through to the sub-base, meaning no puddling and no weeding. Because of its durability, it won’t crack or fade and because it’s smooth, there’s no loose stone making it a perfect option for pushchairs, bicycles, and wheelchairs.
Should you decide to create your own patio it is possible to buy special packs which are delivered to your home with all the materials you will need to create a stunning patio area. Contact us today at sureset.co.uk to discuss your project.

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