What does your desk say about you?

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Posted 1st April 2016 by Jim Newton


What does your desk say about you?  

In the marketing office, our desks are quite similar. Not just in size, but the varying amounts of ‘stuff’ we have on them!  

Recently, Ned bought us our super hero equivalents which add even more character (or stuff) to our desks.  

This got me thinking about what our desks really say about us. Because like it or not, they give other people clues about our personality and values.  

I did this quick online test and discovered that I have a ‘Homebody’s’ desk and am ‘a friendly approachable worker’. My desk is organised, but not pristine, and my personal items take centre stage.

“The homebody is an incredibly passionate worker when they are given a project that meets their interests. At other times the homebody is a solid member of the team but can become easily distracted by their novelty items. The bonus is that this person is a dream to buy a Secret Santa gift for!”  

Actually it’s pretty accurate – what do you think your desk says about you?  

I read lots of articles about this, some of which them split people into as many as eight different categories such as the Jobsite: What type of desk do you have? I think that overall there are two categories (with many sub-categories) which are…  

1.     Desks with ‘stuff’ such as: 

  • Plants or flowers
  • Photos
  • Toys
  • Snacks
  • Ornaments
  • Headache tablets
  • Uplifting or inspirational quotes
  • Trophies (maps and awards)
  • Dirty mugs  

Are likely to belong to someone who is:  

  • Driven by their heart and values
  • Welcoming
  • Planning on hanging around
  • Fun loving
  • Creatively alive
  • Expressing their individuality
  • A team player  

The dangers of desks with ‘stuff’…
Too many photos and souvenirs relating to your hobby or from holidays will make it look like you would rather be somewhere else. So keep them to a minimum, showing you are living in the present.  

Don’t let the ‘stuff’ get too personal. If you need to have a spare pair of shoes or bring prescribed medication, keep them hidden.   

2.     Desks without ‘stuff’ which can be identified by:

  • Neat wires
  • Lack of personal possessions
  • One really nice pen
  • No visible bin
  • Hand-sanitiser
  • A different chair
  • Being neat and sparse
  • Having matching stationery
  • The latest gadgets  

Are likely to belong to someone who is:

  • Dependable and timely
  • Reliable and task oriented
  • Efficient
  • Good at time management
  • Appreciative of modern things and technological advances
  • Business minded
  • Prefers to work alone  

The dangers of desks without ‘stuff’…  
By creating too much space you could also create the illusion of being intimidating and unemotional. Try and soften your area a little bit with something personal like a picture or motivational quote.  

While a clean desk is good, it may suggest you’re unapproachable so if you do have hand sanitiser, it’s probably best to keep it hidden.   

So, what does your desk say about you? 

Why not take the online test and share your result or a photo of your desk using our social media links back up the page on the right.