What does a SureSet driveway look like after 18 years?

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Posted 23rd March 2016 by Jim Newton


Situated between Priory church and Christchurch Harbour is Priory Quay – a marina development of 39 contemporary homes.

Although Priory Quay is a private estate, there is public access around the development where you also get fabulous views across the harbour to Hengistbury Head.

Designed by local architects Cheshire Robbins, to resemble yachts when seen from the water, construction of Priory Quay began late in the 1980’s and was completed in 1996. Priory Quay has since won two architecture awards: the Civic Trust Award in 1990 and the Eric Lyons Trust Award in 1994.

SureSet was established in 1997 (recently celebrating 18 years of paving success), and the installation of 28 driveways, communal path and parking areas at Priory Quay was one of our first and completed in 1998. Our standard guarantee then was five years.

Investment in technical expertise has enabled us to increase our guarantee from the initial five years, to seven, ten then fifteen. Now all our installations are guaranteed for 18 years against loose stone; cracking; oil damage; UV degradation; colour change; frost damage and workmanship.

We returned to Priory Quay in 2007, 2009 and 2014 to carry out remedial work, caused by external factors such as cracking and subsidence, on 16 driveways.

In February 2016 we took our new Agents, Hiskin, based in Italy to see this installation as an example of the longevity of SureSet. It was also useful to see how the condition of the driveways varied between those that had been maintained (i.e. occasional sweeping and power-washing) and those that had not.


I think you’ll agree that this is proof that if you lay resin bound paving right, you lay it once. After 18 years this SureSet surface is still looking good.

More information about resin bound driveways, tips on measuring and specifications for both a permeable and non-permeable base.

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