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Posted 23rd October 2015 by Ben Shave


With more than 20 funky, eye-catching colours from our Spectrum® range…

Created with loose tumbled recycled glass, our standard Spectrum range caters for all tastes with vibrant primary colours, subtle pastel tones and creamy, dreamy pearlescent shades.  

Because the recycled glass is tumbled there are no sharp edges, and because we colour coat it ourselves we can mix bespoke colour blends.

There are endless creative ways to use our loose coloured glass – the only limit is your imagination! Here are a few suggestions to get you thinking:       

  • Inject a pop of colour to your garden by adding coloured loose glass to potted plants, flower beds or around ornaments and buildings.     
  • Using coloured loose glass within our SureCell® sub base will add instant colour to areas pathways and patios.     
  • Placing loose glass around indoor plants, in table centres or glassware will create striking talking points.     
  • Including loose glass in water features will create a unique and visually stunning appearance.     
  • Add instant colour to any non-solvated epoxy industrial flooring installation by including some loose coloured glass.    
  • Mixing loose coloured glass into concrete mortar will guarantee a colourful, personal finish.     
  • Loose coloured glass can also be incorporated into terrazzo flooring.  

Reasons to choose SureSet loose coloured glass…  

With such versatile design potential and truly limitless colour range, Spectrum is fast becoming a favourite for creating unique features within garden and landscaping designs.  

Using recycled glass is good for the environment too, as it prevents waste glass going directly to landfill and replaces the need to extract natural gravel.  

If you want to make your external or internal area stand out from the crowd contact us for more information.  

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