We are Increasing our Customer Guarantee to an Industry Leading 18 Years!

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Posted 1st May 2015 by Jim Newton


To celebrate our 18-year anniversary we are increasing our customer guarantee to 18 years. To put this into context, the industry average is 10 – 15 years.  

We last raised ours in 2011 to 15 years, and agreed that there was no better way to mark 18 years of SureSet than to make our guarantee 18 years too! 

SureSet Managing Director, Kevin Weston said: 

“It’s our commitment to investing in technical expertise has enabled us to increase our guarantee. When we first started out in 1997, we offered a two-year guarantee. This increased to five years in 2002, seven in 2004 and then ten years in 2007.

 In 2011 our guarantee was raised to 15 years against loose stone; cracking; oil damage; UV degradation; colour change; frost damage and workmanship.

 We are delighted to be able to increase our customer guarantee to 18 years.”

Those like Kevin who have been with SureSet since its conception in 1997, will have seen SureSet go from strength to strength. During this time seven new products have been developed and launched, staff numbers have risen from five to 33, we relocated to larger premises, set up our Approved Installers scheme and developed our own method of colouring and batching recycled glass.

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