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Posted 28th September 2012 by Kevin Weston


You may be aware that the cost of disposing of waste has increased dramatically recently with the UK Government imposing large increases in landfill tax and restrictions on the types of waste that can be disposed of.  It is therefore very important that each of us plays our part by ensuring that our waste is separated properly.

It is expected that the local authorities will no doubt be scrutinising waste more rigorously and imposing fines on skip companies who transgress the rules who, in turn, will then pass the charges on to their customers. We must therefore be even more careful when disposing of any items, particularly those which are specifically excluded from general waste.

With all of these restrictions and changes being imposed, many companies are struggling to know where to turn to help them with their waste segregation and management. The other issue is that for a long time, most recycling receptacles were often imposing and not the nicest to look at. This often discouraged businesses and domestic users alike from having them within their homes and offices. Thankfully, now things have changed.

Recycling companies have become smarter and cleverer with their designs in recent years and one local company, Leafield Environmental Ltd have taken this to the max.

They are UK Manufacturers and their latest product E-Buddy’s (due to be launched in October) see a range of fun, funky bins being promoted to the wider market. These little bin buddies have been produced to appeal to the ‘young environmentalist’ and are ideal for schools and nurseries with both children and adults alike loving them.

Available in a range of sizes, colours and designs, these fabulous little bins are not only a quality and essential product, but they look brilliant too.

This new range of bins adds a much needed sense of fun to recycling and it’s great to see a new generation being encouraged to become environmentally aware and more importantly, enjoying it.

Leafield Environmental take their passion for recycling to the core of their products by also offering bins made entirely from 95% recycled materials. The designs are flawless, and the ethos behind them is one fuelled by a passion for the environment.

With so many fun and innovative ideas from companies such as Leafield Environmental out there nowadays, there really is no reason not to recycle. Make a small change to the way you live or work, whether it be swapping your bin for a smiley E-Buddy or just not printing that important email.

If we all make a small change, together, we will make a big difference.

Want to get yourself an E-Buddy of your own? Contact Leafield Environmental: www.leafieldrecycle.com

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