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Posted 16th August 2012 by Kevin Weston


Urban Forests to boost Economic Success

With over 80% of the UK’s populations living in Urban settings, trees in and around built-up areas which many call the ‘urban forest’ have become a key component of the infrastructure that makes places work, look and feel better.

The Tree and Design Action Group has released a really interesting initiative to get us all involved in the preservation of Urban Trees. They propose 12 simple principles to support the growth and development of our landscape. Not only does this initiative mean that we will be playing a role in Climate-proofing our neighbourhoods and supporting human health, but trees can also help to create conditions for economic success.

Trees are part of the solution to some of the key challenges of our ages, from Climate Change to declining health and well-being. Trees work to restore the environmental and social balance in our neighbourhoods and town centres, contributing to the conditions for economic success. What is more, they can often do so in more cost-effective ways that some traditional methods.

Take a look at their 12-principles and see how you can make a difference to our planet: