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Posted 22nd April 2013 by Kevin Weston


@Twitter – #StarStruck

Last week the Marketing team (Yvonne and myself) were lucky enough to meet with the Social Media God that is David Levin! We were pretty star struck to say the least and were on the edge of our seats in the hope of gaining just a small snippet of his mega Twitter knowledge.

For those of you who don’t know who he is, David became an overnight success story and now Tweets for a living for the likes of Adidas, MoneySupermarket, The Voice and countless others.

The London-based Twitter Guru spoke to us of his success and how he is single-handedly changing the face of these big companies by giving them a more personal approach.

His biggest tip to all Twitter business users was to not take yourselves too seriously. He went on to say: “Twitter is about humour and fun and people will follow

you in the hope of seeing a more human side to your company. No one wants tweets which just tweet on about how good you and your services are, they want to

hear about you, the actual tweeter!”

He also offered us these tweet-tastic tips!

TOP 5 TWITTER TIPS (All within 140 characters of course!)

1. Keep it short! Don’t feel compelled to use all 140 characters unless you need to. Research shows that followers prefer short, sweet tweets.

2. Keep ‘em coming! Be the account that does THAT recurring thing (be it a weekly Twitter quiz, monthly Twitter interview of Friday Giveaway).

3. Tweets on draft! When the inspiration strikes, write a tweet or the makings of a tweet and save it for one of your slower days.

4. Know your @s from your elbow! Remember that starting a tweet with an @ means that it’s only seen by that person and your mutual followers.

5. Don’t #overuse hashtags! They are important when they are used #correctly but are #pointless and #annoying when #overused.

We are due to put all of his amazing advice into practice and still feel overwhelmed that we got to spend 30 minutes with him.

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