Turning Your Front Lawn into a Driveway

From expensive permits to busy streets, parking outside your home isn’t always the easiest task. Even after you’ve paid plenty of money for a residents parking permit, you’re not always guaranteed a spot on your street, let alone right outside your doorstep. Considering this, it’s not surprising that a whole lot of people are converting their lawn into a driveway, creating a personal place to park that’s always going to be free. But, how effective can a lawn conversion be, and is it the right move for you?

The Benefits of Converting Your Lawn

When you have your own driveway, you don’t have to worry about stress and expense of parking on the road, instead having your own spot everyday right outside your front door. In cold, rainy weather, avoiding long walks down the street will definitely make your driveway worthwhile! But, there are plenty of other benefits alongside this convenience. 

First of all, your car is far more secure on your own driveway. There’s far less chance of another vehicle knocking into it and causing damage, minor or major, which certainly isn’t uncommon when parking on the road. Even a clipped wing mirror can cost you time, money, and unnecessary hassle, making your own driveway a no-brainer. 

You’ll also have made the road outside of your driveway available to you and only you, too, as other vehicles won’t be able to park there and block you in. This means that if you have guests coming, they can park there and not have to worry about finding a spot on themselves, extending the benefits to your friends and family. 

Adding Value to Your Home

A huge benefit of a lawn into driveway conversion is the value it will add to your home if you decide to sell in the future. In the popular city areas, a driveway is estimated to add up to an incredible £50,000 to the value of your property, which makes it a very good investment going far beyond the initial cost for the work. Many estate agents have even cited it as a make or break for many sales, particularly where street parking is at a premium. 

What Are The Costs?

There are a number of factors that can affect the price of converting your lawn, making it easy to alter plans to suit your budget. These can include:

  • The size of your new driveway
  • The material you choose to build with
  • The cost of local labour
  • Whether or not you need to create a drop kerb to allow for easy access
  • The current state of your lawn and foundations
  • The design of your new driveway

The best way to get a more accurate idea of just how much your new driveway will cost is to ask SureSet for a direct quote. Remember, you’ll be getting your money back if you decide to sell, so this is really more of an investment!

Avoid Planning Permission with Permeable Resin

Planning permission can be a bit of a pain for any building works, so being able to avoid them is always a perk. If you use a permeable surface, it makes it a lot easier to steer clear of lengthy planning permission processes, such as our SureSet . SureSet is also easy to install, making your building works far easier. It uses a natural aggregate that can be laid over older asphalt or concrete driveways, making installations far quicker - and cheaper! You also won’t have any loose stone on your drive, so your vehicle won’t be damaged by pesky gravel and stones.

The Benefits of Permeable Driveways

Permeable driveways are becoming more and more popular due to their benefits, making them the modern day driveway choice. Here are just some of the perks you’ll see from yours:

  • Natural drainage - On the large, flat surface of a driveway, puddles are inevitable without a permeable surface - and coming home to a rain-ridden driveway is never ideal! By choosing permeable resin, you’ll have a surface that allows water to pass through it, preventing water from becoming stagnant.
  • Natural filtration - As the water drains from your permeable driveway, it naturally filters it of impurities and pollutants, helping to prevent water pollution. So, if you’re looking to be a little more eco-friendly, this a great driveway option.
  • Preventing floods - Help prevent flash flooding where you live with a permeable driveway, where floods are often caused by water remaining on the surface of such flat surfaces. Instead, your driveway will absorb the water and keep it from flowing onto the streets.
  • Eco-friendly materials - In a time where we have to become more conscious of the environment and the amount of waste we produce, permeable resin driveways are the obvious choice. Made from recycled, natural materials, they’re a sustainable option that works to create a quality driveway without ruining our planet.

Designing Your Lawn to Driveway Conversion

When it comes to designing your permeable resin driveway, you can customise it to suit your existing lawn and the style of your home. First, you can specify the exact size of your driveway, along with a colour of your choice - opt for a natural aggregate for a cost-effective option. You can also arrange an installation date with SureSet that suits you, giving you complete flexibility to avoid disrupting your day to day routine. 

If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to contact us on , or through our .

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