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Posted 15th July 2013 by Kevin Weston



South Gloucestershire Council was working with the Staple Hill Regeneration Partnership and was planning an exciting revamp of Fountain Square in Staple Hill.

Staple Hill is a vibrant shopping area and they wanted to improve the public realm for the benefit of existing shoppers and residents and to attract new life into the area.

The Staple Hill Regeneration Partnership had had aspirations of improvements to the Square for a number of years. The project team secured a budget of approximately £77,000 from South Gloucestershire Council for this regeneration project.

South Gloucestershire Council contacted SureSet as the expert solution to their paving requirements and were over the moon when they learnt that we could install our surfaces at a rapid speed and with little to no disruption.


The area was to incorporate a newly built circular bandstand with steps leading up to it, a large seating area and tree pits and trenches which amounted to an area of over 800m².

The new layout was to provide the opportunity for:

  • Events in the Square – such as Christmas on the Hill
  • Singing & Band performances
  • Civic occasions
  • Social Activities
  • Exhibitions and displays
  • new artwork/feature at a later date

6mm Norwegian Pearl was chosen for all of these areas and were expertly completed by our expert installation team.


The result has proved to be a highly successful transformation. The SureSet tree pits preserve the life of the new trees and are tamper proof whilst the band stand and seating areas offer a relaxing oasis for shoppers. The area is now a hub of activity and has breathed new life into this up and coming area.


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