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Posted 4th December 2018 by Author Account

Nothing can truly beat the image of a gorgeous meadow or garden having been sculpted into perfection, especially if it is in a landscaping magazine or publication. If you are passionate about horticultural design, the world of insects and foliage or the landscaping industry in general, here are some suggestions of the best magazines and publications you should start reading.


The Landscape Magazine

The diversity of The Landscape Magazine is nothing to be scoffed at, especially as it proudly provides advice for landscaping in the domestic environment, such as through gardening, crafts, baking, Britain’s heritage and even animal classifications. With its seasonal content, you will always find something new that you can bring into your own home.


The Landscaper

If you are looking for a landscaping magazine that appeals to your inner designer or industrial whiz, then The Landscaper is just up your street. Filled with images and descriptions of the latest technology and machinery used for landscaping, reducing the carbon footprint and even taking part in some ecological creative projects, you will always find a rich diversity of topics that will appeal to both men and women.


Pro Landscaper

For a publication focused on plant life and the preservation of wildlife, Pro Landscaper is perfect for when you want information on how to help out with the horticulture of your neighbourhood. Have you ever wondered how to look after bees in the winter or how to provide plants that they will enjoy? If so, then this magazine will answer all of your questions.


The Garden Gate

Are you interested in seeing some gorgeous pictures of garden landscaping? The Garden Gate is a burst of colour for any reader, as it filled with a multitude of plant species and great advice (with photographic examples) on how to spruce up your own horticultural heaven for the arrival of spring.


World Landscape Architecture

Get ready to dive into a world of architectural sculptures with World Landscape Architecture (WLA). Landscaping does not need to remain bound to gardens. The WLA provides a view of the world’s most impressive buildings and creative building projects that are in the process of being completed – including suspended gardens, public artwork and even site observations in different cities.


Ground Magazine

For anyone interested in the industrialisation of landscaping, Ground Magazine is the perfect place to send in ideas and discuss scholarly thoughts on the latest industrial action in regard to landscaping and its effects on factory, business and normal life.


Dwell Magazine

A good read if you are eager to look away from the past and indulge in some modern architecture. Dwell Magazine is a diverse mix of modern landscaping and building architecture – and how both can affect the atmosphere within a city.

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