Tips For Transforming Your Outdoor Space This Summer

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Posted 21st August 2020 by SureSet Team


Transform Your Outdoor Space This Summer

The warmer months are the perfect time to make a few changes that add to the beauty and value of your home, update its look, and create a setting that will be the envy of your friends. Transforming your outdoor space this summer does not need to be an expensive, labour-intensive project. Instead, you can use a few easy, pocket-friendly tips and tricks along with SureSet resin bound permeable paving to create a space that is attractive, inviting, and practical.
Let’s take a closer look at a few summer outdoor space ideas.

The Birds And The Bees

Given the onslaught against mother nature happening around the world, one of the best ideas for your outdoor space this summer is to incorporate changes that attract wildlife to your garden. We’re not talking foxes and badgers here, but rather birds, bees, and butterflies.
Consider purchasing a bird bath. Or, if that’s a cost you’d rather avoid, you may have what you need for a simple DIY bird bath at home. A tomato or milk crate works well as a base and you can paint it in the colour of your choice. Once your base is ready, add a drip tray or another wide, relatively shallow container filled with water on top as the bath. Now you have a haven for birds looking for a drink.
You can also transform your outdoor space this summer by using a similar set-up to create a butterfly feeder. Fill the drip tray with gravel, tiny pebbles, or even marbles, and then add water until it almost covers them. Plant nectar-laden flowering plants such as Alyssum, blue minks, and lazy daisies around your garden to attract bees. While some plants will thrive if planted in beds, others such as Alyssum will do well in planters, which you can build in an afternoon using wood, a hammer, and a few nails.








Set Your Boundaries

One of the simplest ways to give your garden a manicured look and feel is to define the borders and the edges of the flower beds. Creating straight edges will give your garden a more formal appearance while curved or snaking borders can make the space seem cottagey, rustic, and even whimsical.
If you like the sound of edging your beds as one of the ideas for your outdoor space this summer, you will be glad to know that it is a project that should not take too much time and effort. If you use a product such as SureSet’s resin bound residential garden paving, it can be done easily and affordably. Plus, you won’t need to worry about puddles forming when it rains.

Down The Garden Path

Another way to transform your outdoor space this summer is to add a pathway. There are several benefits to having a garden path. For starters, they invite exploration and can offer different vantage points of your garden while discouraging guests from traipsing all over the lawn.
If you have a problem with damp ground, a path is a fantastic way to stop yourself, children, and guests from turning your lawn into a mud bath, and to prevent shoes and hems from getting wet. SureSet’s resin bound residential pathways are the perfect option if you decide to make this summer outdoor space idea your project.
The fact that our resin bound pathways are permeable means there is less chance of puddles, which also means less chance of ice forming. This decreases the chances of you and your loved ones slipping and being injured by a fall. What’s more, our permeable paving is easy to maintain.

It’s Child’s Play

If you have small children, a wonderful way to transform your outdoor space this summer is by creating a colourful, safe, and clean play area for them. With a few of SureSet’s Playbound DIY kits, you can design and create a space according to your specifications. If you want to stick to a square or rectangular design, you can do that with ease. However, you can also consider a splash-pattern.
The rubber used in Playbound is available in a range of colours, which means you really can get creative. Even better, why not ask your children to draw the design and colour it on paper?


Patio Perfection

Another idea for your outdoor space this summer that doesn’t require too much in terms of finance or effort is to build a patio. Once the patio has been laid, you can create a focal point to add even more pizzazz to the space.
You can get a surprising amount of use out of a patio. It can be the perfect spot to enjoy a morning coffee or a lazy lunch. It can also be ideal for enjoying an alfresco supper with friends and family on a long summer evening. Available in stylish colours and easy to install, SureSet resin bound patio paving makes transforming your outdoor space this summer an attractive possibility.
If you already have a patio, you can opt to give it a revamp and create a focal point. You can hang a mirror with an ornate frame, a mosaic, or a relief sculpture on a wall and frame it with tall plants, trellised plants, or tiki torches, or you can install a fire pit or portable outdoor fireplace. Other options include an attractive fountain, a formal raised pond, or even a pergola.
A little creativity goes a long way, and these summer outdoor space ideas provide great inspiration for giving your home a bit of a makeover.

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