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Posted 12th November 2013 by SureSet Team


Tim’s time to say farewell to SureSet

I’d like to take this opportunity to say farewell to all of the people that I’ve worked with during my time with SureSet.

There have been many good experiences during my time with the company – I’ve worked on many interesting and prestigious projects during my combined spells which amount to around 10 years, ranging from multiple projects at the 2012 Olympics to numerous multi-coloured projects.

One thing I certainly won’t miss is getting up extremely early on cold mornings to travel to our sites, I’m sure most people that have had to work with me would tell you that I’m not a morning person!

For those who don’t know, in December I’ll be travelling to Sydney, Australia to see what life has to offer down under.

I don’t have any work lined up yet although, there are some possibilities I’m looking into. I’ll be looking at applying for some jobs out there from October, hopefully I can find something else I enjoy and somewhere that I get along with everyone again (and they get on with me).

So thanks to everyone for putting up with me for so long, I understand it couldn’t have been easy.