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Posted 30th September 2018 by Technical Team

Since 1997 SureSet has been developing its own resin formulations in-house. When the company was started by Peter Watts and Kevin Weston, they came up with their own unique recipes which have evolved into the blends we use now.

In the product range, there are now over 70 different material choices ranging from natural aggregates to marbles and recycled materials. With most available in a combination of 3mm, 6mm and 10mm sizes and a different blend for every application, each product and material have its own recipe. That is a lot of different resin formulations which have been individually designed in our own laboratories!

One important thing to be aware of is the type of resin we use, it is a polyurethane (not an epoxy which is still widely used). The properties of the polyurethane are influenced by the types of isocyanates and polyols used to make it.

Two of the main reasons we use a polyurethane (PU) resin over an epoxy are that PU is flexible which enables the resin bound paving to reflect the same sort of properties as asphalt (our preferred sub-base) and allow for slight movement in the surface. PU is also UV stable, whereas epoxy tends to turn a yellow colour when exposed to significant periods of sunlight.

On site, SureSet have full control over the curing time due to the catalyst added in the resin when it’s mixed. Too little or too much can affect the performance of the product and this is very much weather dependent. We also suggest that our products are not laid in rain or conditions below 0⁰C as if there is water present in the mixture it can cause the resin to foam. Because of this, it is important that all our aggregates are dried before use to prevent moisture coming in to contact with the resin blend.

All of the precautions we take ensure the highest performance of the materials and give us the confidence in offering our 21 year guarantee on all installations.

“Over the years we have been questioned about the suppliers, formulation, and standards of our resin. SureSet prides itself on our independence and it is this independence, and the ability it gives us to source the very best resins, of our choosing, which enables us to formulate our own system that we, and our customers, believe is the best resin bound system available.

We have been aware of various ‘system’ suppliers using our name to promote their own systems in the past, but recently this misconception has begun to take traction within the wider community and I hope that this can put the record straight.” Ben Shave – Commercial Director

Facts about SureSet resin

• Designed by SureSet
• Polyurethane (not Epoxy)
• Crystal clear
• 2 part chemically curing
• Flexible
• Fully controlled curing time

From the start of September 2018 SureSet will open their doors to resin only buyers and introduce ProResin…

Any potential buyers would need to sign a ‘self-certifying’ form to say that they have at least two year’s experience laying resin bound paving, or that they have attended training at another FeRFA training school.

New Users of resin only for resin bound installations will be required to book onto a SureSet training course where full details and training to use ProResin will be provided. Once training has been completed this would qualify the attendee to purchase SureSet ProResin.

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