Since the company was started by Peter Watts in 1997, we have been formulating our own resin formulations and unique blends for resin bound paving which have evolved into the resin and stone blends that we use to this day.

In the product range, there are now over 70 different material choices ranging from natural aggregates to marbles and recycled materials. With most available in a combination of 3mm, 6mm and 10mm sizes and a different blend for every application, each product and material have its own recipe. That is a lot of different resin formulations which have been individually designed in our own laboratories!

One important thing to be aware of is the type of resin we use, it is a polyurethane and not an epoxy which is still widely used. The properties of polyurethanes are influenced by the choice of isocyanates and polyols used to make it, since 1997 we have always used aliphatic isocyanates which are UV-stable, whereas epoxy and PUs made using the cheaper aromatic isocyanates (MDI + TDI) will yellow when exposed to sunlight.

Another reason we use a UV stable polyurethane (PU) resin over an epoxy or MDI is that this type of PU is more flexible which enables the resin bound paving to have some similar properties as asphalt (our preferred and the most common base) and makes it more tolerant of slight movement in the surface.

On site, we consider it essential to have full control over the curing time by being able to adjust the amount of catalyst added to the resin when it’s mixed. Too little or too much can affect the performance of the product and this is very much weather dependent. We also strongly recommend that our products are not laid in wet or very cold conditions, as the resin is moisture sensitive in its uncured state and any moisture present will cause it to react, to varying degrees, forming a foam and weakening the material. Because of this, it is also important that all aggregates are properly dried and kept dry before use.

All of the precautions we take ensure the highest performance of the materials and give us the confidence to offer our 21 year guarantee on all our installations.

Over the years we have been questioned about the suppliers, formulations, and standards of our resin system. Our response to this is that we pride ourselves in being independent of any resin system supplier and it is this independence, and the ability it gives us to source the very best resins, of our choosing, which we believe enables us to formulate our own systems that consistently meet or exceed the expectations of our customers.

- and a comment from Ben Shave, our commercial Director - 

We have been aware of various ‘system’ suppliers using our name to promote their own systems in the past, but recently this misconception has begun to take traction within the wider community and I hope that this can put the record straight.

Facts about SureSet resin

• Designed by SureSet
• Polyurethane (not Epoxy)
• Crystal clear
• Non-yellowing
• 2 part chemically curing
• Flexible
• Fully controlled curing time


From the 10th of September 2018 SureSet will open our doors to resin-only buyers with the introduction of 'ProResin' which will give resin-only buyers an opportunity to buy a tried and tested resin system from an established provider who has experience of every stage of the resin bound production and installation process. 

As part of our commitment to maintaining quality, any potential buyers would need to sign a ‘self-certifying’ form to say that they have at least two year's experience laying resin bound paving, or alternatively that they have attended a recognised training course. 

There will be an online enquiry form to use at upon approval you will receive online access to purchase ProResin. 

New Users of resin-only for resin bound installations will be required to book onto a SureSet training course where full details and training to use ProResin will be provided. Once training has been completed this would qualify the attendee to purchase SureSet ProResin.

Our first training course will be held in Swindon on the 2nd October. 

For any further information, please contact our team [email protected]