The Importance of Ordering Samples Before Committing to a Project

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Posted 29th November 2019 by Anne Shave



When you are choosing anything from paint swatches to carpet samples you want to know what the end product will look like. To be able to hold and feel a sample, in natural light, and see how the colour changes and what it looks like at different angles helps with your decision making and picking the right colour/product for your project.

Patios, Driveways and other outside spaces can be a big investment in time and money, and you need to make sure that what you have ordered is also what you’re getting. By having your sample, you can check the final product for color and appearance.

SureSet has spent years perfecting their sample methods, from using round plastic dishes in the beginning to the eco-friendly cork-based samples that we see today. Samples are made from Aggregates to Recycled Glass to Marbles, Mirrors, and shells, and range in sizes from 2.5 cm to custom made panels.

Natural Aggregates range from beautifully rounded pebbles to angular crushed stone, giving different textures and appearance when mixed on their own or blended, the same can be said about marble, each blend is unique, with its own characteristics. Different sizes and whether its rounded or crushed can add different elements to someone’s project depending on what they want to achieve.

The Technical Department have dedicated members of staff who use specially designed recipes ensuring all the batches have the right consistency of wet and dry ingredients in them, and that all samples produced are the same, this applies to all of the handmade samples that are made on-site, whether it be aggregate or glass. The samples have a rigorous quality check to make sure they are perfect to be sent out to customers, Architects and the companies Approved Installers.

Time has been spent designing the perfect label to match the round samples with all the information you would need to specify included, from the size of product used i.e. 3mm, 6mm to 10mm to the product name, what colour range it’s from and also what its suitable for, General use (Pedestrian & Light Vehicular), Close Texture (Car Park & Access Roads) to Open Texture for DIY Kits and Trade Packs, also if the product is for decorative use only.


Samples can also be …

Used as a coaster for your mug

A stack could make a unique bookend

Used to create wall art




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