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Posted 5th August 2014 by Jim Newton


The DIY Kit® by SureSet

The perfect solution for small projects and intricate work, the SureSet permeable paving DIY Kit® contains full instructions and the right amount or pre-weighed specially formulated resin and aggregate to complete ½m² to a depth of 16mm.

SureSet Approved Installers, Glenco Civil Engineers Ltd recently used SureSet DIY Kits on a project in Kensington and Chelsea. Here’s what they thought about the product…

It was not the first time we had used the DIY Kits but it was the first time we had attempted to lay it in such a small area. The main advantage for us was the ease of getting them to the balcony.

Had we used the traditional method we would have had to hoist the materials up onto the scaffolding. So for this job, the bucket format of the DIY Kit was perfect and the pre-weighed materials mixed well and were easy to use.

The DIY Kits arrived to our yard the day before for us to take with us, so there was no waiting on site for delivery. Jacqui, from SureSet’s Sales Team organised everything for us, including a 5mm metal up-stand needed for the balcony edge. The metal edge was very discreet and easy to cut and fix and gave a professional detail to the edge of the balcony. I’d say, for small areas this DIY kit format is perfect.”

Mark Norton – Managing Director
Glenco Civil Engineers Ltd

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