SureSet used to help Eels reach the river

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Posted 20th June 2012 by Kevin Weston


Not so long ago we were involved in a fairly unusual project. It was only unusual when you compare it to the typical purposes our products are used for.  Our resin bound paving materials were used to ensure that Eels (or Elvers to be exact) located off the coast of Pevensey, Sussex,  were able to swim up pipe work back into the river.

We were brought into the project by the CPM Group Limited which is local to us in Mells. They had been hired to provide 25 large concrete pipes for the Environmental agency which was on a site in Pevensey. The pipes were to be used as an outfall down across the beach.

The original requirement was for a coarser surface finish to the internal surface of the CPM Group’s concrete pipes, several different methods were tried to achieve the required surface texture required, without success.

After further research they came across SureSet and ordered a couple of DIY kits to test if this would be acceptable to the Environmental Agency. They came to the conclusion that our product would give a surface texture that will assist the Elvers (Eels) to swim back up the outfall pipe into the river. For this reason they hired us to install all 25 of the pipes which in total covered 150 square metres.

Alan Penny from CPM Group said “We received an excellent service from the intial enquiry right through to completion. It was a pleasure dealing with a reliable and efficient company and I would highly recommend both their products and services”.

It was a pleasure working with the CPM Group and on a project involved with the Environmental Agency, and I for one am looking forward to finding even more irregular uses for our products.

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