SureSet Super Cyclists raise money for Children in Need

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Posted 15th November 2017 by Jim Newton


With a little help from Lucy the Terrier!  

On Saturday 11 November staff from SureSet resin bound paving cycled a staggering 120-miles between them to raise funds for Children in Need!  

At a closed road circuit at Odd Down, Bath, their results were as follows:

  • Duncan – 32 miles = 36 laps      
  • Ben and Jim – 26 miles = 29 laps each      
  • Jacqui – 23.3 miles = 25 laps      
  • John – 14 laps while being chased by Lucy the Terrier

We’re not sure this number of laps would have been possible without the unwavering support of Lucy the Terrier. Who, with an apparent aversion to bicycles (or John), was there cheering them on around every lap!  

This is what our SureSet Super Cyclists had to say about day…  


How did you feel afterwards?
Good actually, it was nice to be out on tarmac without the risk of traffic.  Mind you John almost managed to get taken out by a loose dog which would have added some drama to the afternoon!  

How many people were there?
Only us, a dog and a random kid on his BMX…  

What did you enjoy most?
Being safe while on a bike, getting some exercise, and realising how much money Jacqui had raised!  

What did you enjoy least?
Being continually lapped by Duncan and trying to figure out where he put the engine on his bike!  

Did anything funny happen?
Almost the John vs dog incident…but alas no!  


How did you feel afterwards?
It felt good to get out and on the track again. Not been to Odd Down since spring 2015 when I was racing there, so lots has changed including a new club house, changing facilities and car park. Felt good whilst cycling but soon felt the November wind/chill when we stopped to regroup.  

How many people were there?
Weather forecast wasn’t favourable so only the dedicated cyclists were there, but the rain held off and the wind wasn’t too strong.  

What did you enjoy most?
Enjoyed the traffic free environment and getting my head down for some fast laps. Was also good to overtake John…repeatedly


I am really pleased that I managed 25 laps = 37.5 km or 23.3 miles! We were expecting to get very wet but when we got there just before 1pm the rain had stopped, and we had a dry ride.   

After two hours of cycling around the 1.5km track we were all getting tired and it was starting to get cold. However at that stage I had only done 22 laps and was determined to do another three and make it 25! So, after a rest I went back out on the track and did the final three laps with Ben, Duncan, Jim and John (and Lucy the dog) waving me on.   

It was all good fun and great exercise. I was a little bit achy afterwards, but it was well worth it as I am proud to say I managed to collect over £300 for Children in Need.  


How did you feel afterwards?
It was certainly cold riding at altitude, and tired. But, it has certainly motivated me to do more!  

How many people were there?
Only the dedicated few!  

What did you enjoy most?
Seeing the difference between my leg power and Duncan’s.   

It was good to get on my bike again…the first time since a triathlon in May. It’s a great venue and I will certainly be going again on my own and/or with my kids.  

What did you enjoy least?
Seeing the difference between my leg power and Duncan’s.  

Did anything funny happen?
My panic in the morning trying to find the key to my bike, trying to find a pump for the tyres, and the dog!  


I am disappointed that I failed to achieve my target of 20 laps. But as I did not do any preparation for this event and had spent the previous evening entertaining eight friends for dinner and didn’t get to bed until 1am, I feel my 14 laps were quite an achievement really!  

What did I enjoy the most?
A mug of hot chocolate in the café afterwards.  

What did I enjoy the least?
The feeling that I was going backwards every time Duncan went past me at a 100mph.  

A big thanks, from SureSet for taking the time out of your weekend to raise money for Children in Need. Special thanks to Lucy the dog – who seems to have been everyone’s funniest memory from the day.  

So far, the SureSet Super Cyclists have raised just under £500! But there’s still time for you to boost that amount by making a donation on their justgiving page. Go on – make Pudsey happy!

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