SureSet Product of the Month: FlexiSet®

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Posted 19th January 2018 by Y Holloway


SureSet FlexiSet is one of the newest additions to our ever-expanding range of permeable paving products.  

Made from 50% recycled rubber, 50% 6mm natural aggregate and clear UV stable resin, FlexiSet delivers the usual environmental benefits and high standards associated with SureSet.   

Delivering a rustic, natural finish, FlexiSet is the perfect surface choice for woodland trails, jogging paths, pedestrian areas, cycle tracks, equestrian centres, drainage channels, golf courses, pool surrounds, roof gardenstree pits and boat decks.     

What is FlexiSet?

FlexiSet is made from shredded bus and lorry tyres; while the recycled rubber itself is black, by adding natural aggregate to the mix we can bring colour to the surface.  

Using recycled tyres with our natural aggregate makes FlexiSet one of the most environmentally friendly pedestrian surfaces available on the market.   

The permeability of the SureSet resin bound system, along with the flexible properties of the recycled tyres, allows FlexiSet to follow the natural form of the surface and enables quick and efficient drainage of water.  

What are the benefits of FlexiSet?

·       It’s flexible; adapting to the contours of the existing surface

·       It’s economical

·       It’s environmentally friendly

·       It’s lightweight

·       It’s permeable; SuDS compliant

·       It’s safe; adding extra grip to steep inclines.

What bases are suitable for FlexiSet?

·       Concrete

·       Asphalt

·       Well-compacted stone

·      SureCell®

·       Type 3 aggregate (or in some cases directly on to a membrane).  

FlexiSet by SureSet is available in the following colours:

·       Tuscan Terracotta

·       Norwegian Pearl

·       Midnight

·       Sterling Silver

·       Barley Beach

FlexiSet is available as a Supply and Lay product (where we take care of the whole installation for you) and as Supply Only (for you or your builder/landscaper to install).  

For more information or to ask us any questions please fill in this online form and we’ll get back to you or you can call 01985 841 180. Alternatively, you can easily request samples of FlexiSet or a brochure.