SureSet Paving at the Palace – Hampton Court Palace

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Posted 1st July 2017 by Jim Newton

A range of official bodies, including Government agencies, have been discussing the link between access to green spaces and improved physical and mental health for years, so it’s not news…

The On the Edge Show Garden at this year’s RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show aims to stimulate discussion and prompt even more research on gardening, green spaces and mental health.  

The garden is designed by Frederic Whyte, built by Charles Benton, sponsored by Benton LandscapesLondon Stone and the Centre for Mental Health and supported by their trustee Dame Sue Bailey.  

On the Edge symbolises a journey from mental ill-health to acceptance. Entered via a narrow path, the garden cuts through a spiky planting scheme with a tall hedge; designed to intensify feelings of claustrophobia.  

An unnervingly steep staircase leads you into a shady disorienting space. As the journey continues you come across an increasingly open staircase that leads to a therapeutic area alluding to the hope of acceptance.  

With Norwegian Pearl Natural Aggregate donated by Long Rake Spar, we are delighted to be installing the narrow pathway leading to the steep steps and the area at the top of the open staircase; London Stone are installing the steps.  

Taking place 4 – 9 July, Hampton Court Palace Flower Show is the UK’s biggest flower show attended by more than 130,000 people each year. If one of those people is you – why not have a look at the Garden and let us know what you think…  

We are super excited to see the completed Garden!  

The Centre for Mental Health is a charity that aims to changes people’s lives by using research to bring about better services and fairer policies. Their trustee Dame Sue Bailey said:

“I am delighted to be working with Frederic Whyte and Charles Benton to create this unique garden. I hope it will strike a chord with some of the millions of people who experience mental health difficulties and offer hope to those who need it. Centre for Mental Health is at the heart of changing society’s understanding of mental health and the garden will I hope support the growing movement of people who are acting to build a healthier society for us all.”  “Society’s attitude to the complex, multi-layered spectrum of mental health is, at last, developing rapidly. I am deeply moved by and grateful for the opportunity to combine creative skills and personal experience to advocate the cause of mental health awareness.”
Frederic Whyte“I am proud to be a part of this fantastic show garden and to be working alongside Centre for Mental Health. I look forward to building a garden that portrays the difficult journeys so many people go through. I want this to be a garden that everyone can relate too and feel the experience of the journeys so many people experience: from dark and fragile, difficult times, to a space of calm and reflection.” 
Charles Benton