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Posted 24th September 2012 by Kevin Weston


SureSet makes a friend for life

The Forresters Fund For Children assists charities and organisations in the UK and Ireland that promote a better quality of life for children, their protection, care and well-being. For many years FFFC has issued cash grants for them to purchase essential equipment, or any goods and services that they might need.

They strive to help fill the funding gaps for those small and/or volunteer children’s groups who have difficulties in raising money from the usual sources, and whose activities they, as trustees, believe to be essential towards the aim of helping children in your local communities to lead healthy and fulfilling lives.

The Fund uniquely helps others to help children by giving grants primarily to small, local children’s charities throughout the UK. These charities need help urgently but find it difficult to compete with larger charities for funds. Grants made by the Fund sometimes make the difference between their ability to continue and closure.

Here at SureSet we are proud to have recently supported the FFFC by advertising with them which will see some of the money going towards these incredible charities.

You can support them too by visiting: