SureSet have gained ISO 9001 accreditation!

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Posted 9th April 2014 by Y Holloway


SureSet UK Ltd  thrilled to announce that we have gained ISO 9001 accreditation! The honour is nothing less than certification in the most recognised Quality Management System (QMS) in the world! We have always been proud of our excellent service we offer to our customers and now this has been recognised with the award of ISO 9001:2008.

SureSet started the process of building a Quality Management System in 2009 by documenting, controlling and measuring our processes and services. In February 2014, after returning from maternity leave, our office administrator Lauren Gardiner took this further and with the guidance of Certified Quality Systems Ltd (CQS), SureSet has now achieved the internationally recognised accreditation for quality, and enforces SureSet’s position as a leader in the resin bound paving market.

When we received our certification in 2014, only 3% of UK businesses held the ISO 9001 accreditation Wwere, and still are, extremely proud to announce that SureSet have achieved this. 

Quality, Through And Through 

Assuring our customers and ourselves of quality was one of the reasons why it was important for us to achieve ISO 9001 certification. Here at SureSet, we believe in offering not only the best permeable resin-bound paving and related products in the UK, but also top-quality service that you can rely on. 

We can’t do that if we don’t have an excellent system for quality management. We worked hard to achieve our certification, which was awarded only when we could prove that we monitor and manage all our operations according to the highest standards.  

This is not to say that we’ve been resting on our laurels ever since; instead, getting our ISO 9001 accreditation was only the beginning. Ever since then, we’ve continued to ensure that SureSet maintains first-rate quality management worthy of the certification. Let’s take a closer look at ISO 9001. 

What ISO 9001 Management Means 

The ISO 9001 QMS is part of the ISO 9000 standards family, of which another example is ISO 9004. One of the greatest benefits of the QMS is the way in which it helps businesses like SureSet to meet our customers’ needs as well as their expectations. It’s not just about supplying a product such as permeable resin-bound paving. It’s about supplying the best paving in a way that lets you know you made the right decision when you first contacted us for a quote. 

As mentioned, we use the QMS to monitor and to manage all our operations, and one aspect of this is the continual refinement of our offering and the way in which we operate. Other aspects include finding new ways to reach greater heights of consistency in top-level service.  

On our side, the benefits include: 

  • Building a business that’s more sustainable 
  • Developing greater resilience 
  • Demonstrating strong governance 
  • Working effectively with all stakeholders, supply chain included 
  • Reducing costs 
  • Streamlining operations 
  • Attracting more business 

This all means SureSet grows into the best business it can be (or is it the best in the business?), and that our customers enjoy greater satisfaction with our work. 

Some statistics from the British Standards Institution (BSI) will give you some insight into how much of a difference that can make. BSI clients saw a 66% increase in improving their products and services, a 60% increase in the likelihood of reducing mistakes, a 65% increase in trust in their businesses, a 57% increase in new customer attraction, and 54% increase in their competitive edge. 

How We Use ISO 9001 

Here at SureSet, we use ISO 9001 to: 

  • Identify the needs of our customers now, and to assess what future needs they may have 
  • Measure the satisfaction of our customers 
  • Meet the various regulatory requirements that apply to our resin-bound paving and other products and services 
  • Ensure all our employees and other interested parties are familiar with those regulatory requirements 
  • Assess risks to our business 
  • Identify opportunities for our business 
  • Implement operational controls to measure and to manage our performance 
  • Prove and protect our commitment to quality 
  • Engage internal and external stakeholders 

As you probably expect, the results are overwhelmingly positive. We’ve more than maintained our position in the eyes of our customers – we’ve also managed to raise our profile. 

Thanks to our implementation of ISO 9001 QMS, we’ve expanded our paving ranges to offer you a selection of aggregates suitable for all sorts of environments and designs. There are natural aggregates, rounded and crushed marbles, recycled glass and other materials, colourful rubber pellets, and others to choose from.  

Our supply and installation staff are fully trained, willing, and able to install SureSet permeable resin bound paving on various subbases in all sorts of places and spaces. What’s more, we’ve also been able to increase our efficiency and reduce waste in various ways. 

ISO 9001 Is Not The End 

ISO 9001 was the first internationally recognised QMS accreditation that we received, and we had no intention of letting it be the last. Instead, our certification inspired us to reach higher. Since being accredited in 2014, we’ve also received… ISO 14001:2015 accreditation,

Recognised and awarded by Investors in People the UK’s leading accreditation for business improvement through people management, to help us innovate, improve and grow our business.

Approved by the British Board of Agrément and awarded our BBA certificate for permeable resin bound surfacing.

…all of which is yet another sign of SureSet’s commitment and determination to be the best in the business!  

If you would like further information on SureSet’s ISO accreditation or quality policy please contact our office administrator 


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